Liebert CRV, 19-40kW

The Vertiv Liebert CRV system offers highly flexible, in-row cooling for data centers requiring higher density cooling. Featuring the industry’s most advanced performance optimization with Liebert iCOM controls, the Liebert CRV offers the highest delivered row-based cooling efficiency, and is the only row-based product that can independently control temperature airflow.
Access Michigan LLC Liebert XDP-W, XD Water-Based Pumping Unit

Liebert XDP-W, XD Water-Based Pumping Unit

Houses the isolating heat exchanger between the Liebert DCD or Liebert XDK-W and the building chilled water. It circulates the chilled water to the cooling modules at a temperature always above the actual dew point to prevent condensation.

Access Michigan LLC Liebert® CRV In Row Cooling System, 10-40kW

Liebert® CRV In Row Cooling System, 10-40kW

The Vertiv™ Liebert® CRV is a precision data center cooling solution, integrated within a row of data center racks and was designed to address some of the major challenges seen in high density applications. With adjustable airflow baffles and controls that independently manage airflow and temperature, the Liebert CRV can precisely deliver highly efficient cooling in the row where it’s needed. The system is available in multiple options, providing flexibility for any installation.