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Flywheel UPS: Certified and Trusted

A green energy storage solution… with an impressive ROI

Today’s enormous demand for data storage is driving exponential data center growth in markets around the globe. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things/Industrial Internet of Things (IoT/IIoT), virtualization, the cloud, mobile communications and social media, all depend on the proper and swift handling of vast amounts of data. If there’s a power glitch or worse a blackout, data flow and processes come to a quick and expensive halt.

The power hungry nature of data centers makes them prime candidates for energy-efficient and green backup power solutions.

Reliability, efficiency, cooling issues, space constraints, reoccurring battery costs and environmental issues are the prime drivers for implementing flywheel energy storage.

While the VDC system can work alongside batteries to absorb short duration power disturbances protecting the batteries from premature wear, many data center managers have eliminated batteries altogether in order to increase computing density and significantly reduce cooling costs. Moreover, the lifetime investment in the VDC energy storage system is much lower than that of batteries. Over time, each VYCON VDC flywheel system deployed saves users over $200,000 when compared to using valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries, making VYCON’s VDC system a financially attractive solution. Having your UPS paired with VYCON flywheels for instantaneous backup power is a smart and cost-efficient decision.


VDC Products

This technology is ideal for a variety of applications as a battery-free UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) solution, including data centers, healthcare facilities, broadcast stations and other mission-critical operations.

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VYCON’s VDC systems provide reliable energy storage instantaneously to assure a predictable transition to the stand-by gen-set, all in a compact footprint.

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Vertical Markets

Reliability, efficiency, cooling issues, space constraints and environmental issues are the prime drivers for implementing flywheel energy storage.

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Runtimes & Specs

Check the technical specifications and runtimes for various VDC models.

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Frequently Asked Questions about VYCON Direct Connect products and technology.

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VDC Case Studies

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