Raycap Surge Protective Devices

Raycap Surge Protective Devices

Between its Strikesorb, ACData, Rayvoss, and recently-acquired DIN Rail industrial surge protection products and technologies such as ProTec and SafeTec, Raycap has a full complement of solutions to protect your operations and your investments. Our products prevent electrical surges from causing damage to AC-powered equipment. Find the answer to any low voltage surge protection problem with our fully-custom or customized off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.

Raycap Strikesorb

Strikesorb industrial surge suppression offers unparalleled lightning protection, protecting mission-critical applications from damage caused by lightning surges and other overvoltage events.

Raycap Rayvoss Group

Rayvoss industrial surge protection systems are designed with Strikesorb 40 Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) inside. Offered in a variety of configurations, Rayvoss systems can be customized to meet any customer’s overvoltage protection needs.

Raycap Ac Din Rail Surge

Raycap offers a variety of DIN Rail technology solutions for AC applications. The SafeTec, ProTec, SafeBloc, ProBloc and ProFilt series products are developed for protection in AC applications and are well-suited for protection at main and sub-distribution boards.

Raycap Protec Busbar Solutions

The ZPS products are designed specifically for use at industrial plants, in light industrial buildings and the residential market and offer surge protection (EN Typ. 1+2). The products are designed for use in main distribution boards having 40 mm busbar systems

Raycap Legacy Din Rail Spd Products

These legacy SafeTec and ProTec DIN Rail products for AC power protection are available in the legacy modular housings and feature low voltage power protection for light industrial applications.

Raycap Se Family

Available in Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 formats

Raycap Acdataproducts Group 300 X 150

The ACData group of products from Raycap provides good options for a variety of applications and are available in a variety of sizes, types, configurations and service voltage configurations. Many of the products are compliant to the IEC 61643-11 and the UL 1449 4th Edition safety standards.

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