UPS & Power Conditioning


UPS Equipment

Online operations are vital to successful data center operation. When your power can’t go down, you can trust our Liebert™ Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) from Vertiv, a variety of battery systems, and VYCON® flywheels.

Power Conditioning & Surge Protection

Arc Flash Relay System

Externally installed control cabinet that can be installed at medium-voltage or low-voltage switchgear, switchboards, MCCs, control cabinets, or industrial machine locations and will reduce arc flash incident energy.

Arc Flash Mitigation Methods – Video

Raycap Surge Suppression (SPD)

Surge protective devices prevent electrical surges from causing damage to AC-powered equipment. The answer to any low voltage surge protection problem with fully-custom or customized off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions.

DC Power Supplies

A complete line of DC Power supplies for Electrocoating, plating, anodizing and other applications requiring DC Power.

K-Rated Isolation Transformers

Where efficiency, harmonic attenuation and handling and noise attenuation is critical, Controlled Power Company provides a complete line of K-Rated isolation transformers for your power quality needs.

Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

PQI has been on the leading edge of harmonic mitigation solutions longer than any other manufacturer in the industry. Our harmonic mitigating transformers are manufactured to the highest quality standards in an ISO 9001 facility, and our product designs have been proven highly effective in real-world scenarios.

Ultra-Efficient Transformers

Our Type EY e-Rated® transformers are an easy choice for building owners looking for energy-efficient solutions with exceptional performance, even in lightly loaded settings such as schools and commercial buildings.

Medium Voltage Power Transformers

While we primarily supply transformers less than 600V, our ultra-efficient and harmonic mitigating products are also available at medium voltages.

Cast Coil Transformers

For installations in harsh or polluted environments, our cast coil transformers offer high-performance, low-maintenance costs, and protection from short circuits, momentary overloads, impulse voltages, and temperature fluctuations.

Power Conditioning – Medical Applications

Medical-grade “power quality” refers to all electrical environment issues that affect the performance and reliability of medical imaging and treatment equipment, systems, and I.T. networks prevalent in hospitals and imaging / treatment centers.

Power Conditioners – Commercial/Industrial Applications

Controlled Power Company has designed a complete line of Power Line Conditioners to insure that your electrical equipment is protected from sags, surges, spikes, ground noise and other electrical problems that can destroy sensitive electrical equipment.

Voltage Regulators

Controlled Power Company’s line voltage regulators and constant voltage transformers are compatible with almost all industrial and commercial equipment having strict regulation and power conditioning needs.

Power Conditioner Customization

Adhering to your specifications, we can customize any of our products to meet your special electrical load or voltage requirements.

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