ASCO Power Control Systems

Make sure your facility has available power for all mission critical operations like communications, data processing, and analysis with ASCO Power Controls Systems and switchgear. Browse our collection of power control systems, power monitoring, industrial controls, automatic transfer switches, non-automatic transfer switches, paralleling switchgear and other emergency power control systems for managing alternate energy sources.
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Industrial Controls

Select from a range of industry-recognized lighting control and specialty remote control switch products, gas flow control panels, and transient voltage surge suppressors, each supported by time-tested design innovations to support your business. From lighting controls featuring design-optimized mechanically-held lighting contactors employing patented single, bi-directional solenoid operators, to remote control switches that reduce wear on overcurrent protective devices to provide greater flexibility and increase system reliability, you are assured that your industrial power and control systems will keep you operating at optimal levels.

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Power Control Systems

ASCO power control systems and paralleling switchgear offers wide-ranging features to make your facility’s emergency power system more effective and highly efficient. Digital microprocessor-based technology streamlines and simplifies total generator load control and engine management. Control your power system using easy-to-operate interfaces locally, or monitor remotely from a control center anywhere in the world over a LAN, WAN, or the Internet.

ASCO not only provides custom paralleling switchgear designed to meet the needs of a specific project, but has also developed standardized product lines that incorporate the features most often required in highly specified and engineered systems.

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Power Monitoring and Control

The PowerQuest® family is the most comprehensive communication, monitoring and control solution ever offered by ASCO. It empowers you. It fulfills your need to test, manage loads, optimize the bus bar, remotely monitor and otherwise be aware of the status of your facility’s utility source and on-site power. You have both the power to know and the power to do. Local area networks and remote networks are supported with either single or multiple points of access, and web-enabled communications allow access to your power system from anywhere around the world.

There are various PowerQuest® solutions for ASCO power control system and transfer switch products. See Compatibility Matrix for more detail.

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Power Transfer Switches

Reliably transfer business-critical loads to emergency sources with our line of industry-leading automatic transfer switches and non-automatic transfer switches. ASCO automatic transfer switches and non-automatic transfer switches are applicable in many environments, ranging from residential, agricultural and light commercial applications to the critical power needs of healthcare, financial and data center facilities.