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The Emergency of Lithium-Ion Batteries within the Data Center

A battery exists to store a specific amount of energy and then release it at the appropriate time. Whether that is to provide a working flashlight while changing the tire on a dark road, or when you require an effective bridge to an auxiliary power source, lithium-ion batteries are the dependable choice.

Many critical facility professionals have been underwhelmed by how their batteries have inconsistently performed. When asked, “Is there a need for an improved energy storage solution for your the data center infrastructure?” owners, users and managers invariably respond … YES.

According to the Ponemon Research Institute’s 2013 study(4) on data center outages, 55% of the unplanned failures were tied to the common lead-acid battery (Fig 1). Follow up studies in 2016 (5) have shown some reduction, but the magnitude is still startling.

Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIB) are designed to bring extended life, reduced weight, smaller size and greater flexibility to modern data center providers. The movement to LIB will be led by the innovators.

One alternative is to utilize lithium-ion batteries.The following White Paperr examines that option and shares a real-world perspective to help data center designers owners, users and managers decide if this technology is viable within their data center.

Read the Full White Paper Here
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