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Battery Imbalance and UPS System Failures

Studies have shown that the majority of UPS system failures are caused by battery failure. They are the weakest link of your emergency power system. The actual service life of batteries is almost always shorter than the design life indicated by the manufacturer, which is why they should be maintained with a program that identifies system anomalies and performance trends. Utilizing this system data, along with Vertiv’s infrastructure and industry expertise, ensures timely, cost-effective replacement for improved availability.

As soon as they are placed into service, it is important to maintain batteries with a program that identifies system anomalies and trends end of life. Batteries are electrochemical devices that require regular checks to ensure safe and proper operation. It is this battery performance information, along with the extensive industry experience leveraged by Vertiv™ technicians, that allows you to truly understand battery health and ensure timely, cost-effective replacement.

Batteries have a finite life span and lose capacity based on age, usage, and operating temperature. Batteries that are beginning to fail cause an imbalance that adversely affects the life of other batteries in the string. What’s more, in the event of a power outage, a single bad cell in a string of batteries could compromise your entire backup power system and leave you without protection. That is why timely battery replacement is critical for reliable operation of your data center’s power system.

Our battery replacement services include:

  • New battery installation
  • Spent battery recycling
  • UPS restart

New Battery Installation

From minor to major power outages, each time your battery system is discharged, it shortens the life span of your battery system. Typically, batteries start to lose capacity or fail within three to five years, depending on usage and environmental conditions. Batteries kept in service beyond expected service life are at risk for failure. Therefore, Vertiv™ offers complete battery replacement services starting with expert installation of new cells. They stock approximately $1 million in battery inventory, and Vertiv’s factory-trained technicians replace several thousand battery strings annually, which means they have fresh battery inventory with the newest date codes.

Spent Battery Recycling

As part of your battery replacement service, you can trust Vertiv to properly dispose of and recycle your old batteries in accordance with all government and industry regulations. This includes the management of any regulatory paperwork you require.

UPS Restart

Once your battery replacement is complete, our technicians will restart your UPS system and certify that it is operating properly to protect your critical infrastructure


The majority of UPS system failures are telated to battery system failures. They are the weakest link of your emergency power system. Access, Inc. can assist you in testing, replacement, UPS restart and recycling your VRLA batteries when the need arises. We can also recommend battery monitoring products to proactively assess battery life.

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