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Instrument Your Facility Quickly and Monitor Real Energy Use

Most metering systems are expensive and complex to deploy, making it difficult to monitor energy use at the source. Packet Power was started to change that. They decided to make installation easy by putting the meters directly into power cords. To gather the data from the power cords, they designed a wireless network smart enough to automatically configure and manage itself and robust enough to work in the most demanding environments. So you can instrument your facility quickly without relying on over-­burdened IT resources or expensive electricians.

Making meters easy to install and manage is only half the challenge. Packet Power  also wanted to make it easy for a wide variety of people to see value from the information the meters produced. So they built a system that could enable IT able to make decisions based on energy information without having to become facilities engineers; let colos change sales strategies and operating models based on flexible and granular access to energy costs; allow end users to easily understand energy usage; and help operations instrument broadly without overwhelming IT.

Their EMX Energy Portal application makes it easy to take action on energy information. It can be used as your primary monitoring application or as a complement to traditional BMS or DCIM systems.

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