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Extend the Life of Your Critical Equipment

When are service contracts more than a business agreement between a contractor and customer? Covering the maintenance and servicing of equipment is more than just an extra expense. It’s an insurance policy that ensures your equipment is performing at its peak, minimizing downtime, improving efficiency, extending the life of the equipment and lowering overall cost.

Why are Service Contracts of Value

As an owner or end user of essential equipment, you most likely do not have the expertise to maintain your equipment, let alone diagnose and provide the necessary repair. While you may have employees trained to provide many essential services, they may not have product specific training and their training may be years out-of-date.

With monitoring and micro-processor controls, you may know what is wrong, but not know what is required to fix it. Are you willing to let a less than capable employee touch a $50,000 piece of critical equipment. Even if not critical, the equipment is still essential. Can you afford the downtime if a repair is done incorrectly, or can you afford the possibility of potentially permanently damaging the equipment? A service contract is at minimal cost compared to the cost of extended downtime, missed diagnosis or equipment replacement.

What are the Components of Good Service Contracts

A good service contract will provide 24/7/365 service. The service contractor will maintain an electronic history of all service on each individual piece of equipment under the contract. They will have common parts locally available. Technical documentation, equipment drawings and factory engineers will be quickly available to assist in the diagnosis, repair and warranty when applicable.

Their service technicians will be factory trained with years of experience enabling them to diagnose and repair your equipment more quickly than a non-factory trained provider. They will be up-to-date with any factory recommended field modifications and safety notices so they can proactively update your valuable equipment. By their very familiarity with the equipment, they will be able to minimize downtime during an emergency.

What Makes a Good Service Contract

A service contract should include the scope of the work. For example:

  • It should includes the number of preventive maintenance inspections scheduled by the customer.
  • Define the hours of the service being offered: 24/7 (excluding holidays) or 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday or other terms as agreed.
  • It should define exceptions that are provided on a time and materials basis.
  • It should define what parts will be routinely replaced and when, such as: “Belts and filters replaced during each PM.”
  • It should state the competence of the technician: “performed by a factory trained technician”

A good service contract should also include the specifics of what is covered in routine and emergency service. An example could be:

  • Filter Section and Belts
    • Replace filters and belts. · Inspect filters and belts. · Clean filters. · Examine filter switch. · Wipe entire section clean.
  • Controls
    • Check sensor calibration · Check/adjust set points · Check/adjust alarms · Check operation of water detectors
  • Blower Section
    • Verify that impellers are free of debris and move freely. · Set belt for proper tension. · Verify bearings are in good condition. · Check fan safety switch for proper operation. · Check the pulleys and motor mounts for tightness and proper alignment. · Check motor operation

Critical Power Equipment

The importance of critical power equipment (UPS/Battery, Static Transfer Switch, Power Distribution Units and Monitoring Products), demands reliability. Downtime is not an option. Liebert Corporation recognizes Vertiv Services, Inc (formerly known as Liebert Global Services) as the only authorized service provider for their power products. In order to meet the objective of providing the highest level of service possible, Vertiv Services has invested in the very best individuals to create the strongest support organization in the industry. With over 800 technical experts and support personnel located in 80 major cities across the US, a 24/7/365 fully staffed Customer Resolution Center, multi-level parts distribution system, and 24/7 available Technical Support Group, Vertiv Services offers the most comprehensive power product service program in existence today.

Precision Thermal Equipment

Vertiv / Liebert’s precision thermal management equipment offerings include:

  • High density units
  • Outdoor packages equipment
  • Heat rejection
  • Room cooling
  • In-row cooling
  • Rack cooling
  • Evaporative free cooling
  • Free cooling chillers
  • Thermal Control and monitoring

Each Vertiv/Liebert product comes with an outstanding 1st year standard warranty. Warranty extensions are available to include extra year(s) on the original warranty, labor, parts and compressor warranties. When the original warranty is complete, Access, Inc’s service department offers service contracts to continue to provide quality preventive maintenance, emergency service and routine repairs.

Commercial HVAC

Even non-critical non-essential equipment from a variety of manufacturers is important to the success of a business. Comfort cooling and heating, humidification systems, dehumdification systems, indoor and outdoor equipment – with each piece of equipment, the expectation of being in service and working efficiently is there. Starting new equipment, upgrading current equipment, re-commissioning old equipment, routine maintence and repairs, as well as emergency service, need to be locally available.

Under a service contract, your business becomes a preferred customer. Your need becomes your service contractors need. Your priorities become your technicians priorities.

When Is the Time to Buy a Service Contract

The ideal time to purchase a service contract is at the time of purchase of the equipment. The initial cost is lower and start-up and commissioning is done under the eyes of factory trained technicians.

However, even older equipment, that has never been under contract, receives value from a service contract. A technician would come in and provide routine maintenance and service on a time and materials basis. At the time of the service call, the technician, coordinating with the service provider, will advise what service options are available.

Access, Inc.’s has two service branches, ACSI in Wisconsin and ACS in NE Michigan. Each branch has a staff of fully factory trained customer service technicians and service contract and support specialists with years of experience and technical expertise.

No matter whether your equipment is a UPS, a data center rack cooling unit, or a large free cooling chiller, Access is the number to call for all your service needs.

For a UPS or critical power unit, you will be put in touch with the Vertiv response center to answer your questions and dispatch a Vertiv Customer Service technician if needed.

For all other equipment, Access will coordinate a service or emergency call, schedule routine preventive maintenance, provide or order parts, or provide / extend / upgrade your new or existing service contract.

Access Inc.’s Mission Statement is:

Ensuring uptime with market-leading, reliable and performance-driven solutions.

Service contracts offer reliable and performance-driven solutions for your critical and essential power and HVAC equipment.

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