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Vertiv Intelligence unites your complex IT and data center ecosystem to transform how you manage your infrastructure. Securely connect your equipment to the cloud and see all your remote locations through the vIntelligence mobile app and portal. Gain a complete picture of your operations, get priority notifications and take action.

How it Works

Vertiv Intelligence is a hosted solution that uses a combination of monitoring software with a secure RDU gateway connection to the cloud. Device data is collected and sent through the secure RDU to the cloud. Data can be accessed using a mobile application or a web-based cloud portal. The mobile application provides critical device information, anywhere, anytime while the cloud portal provides advanced management features that can be accessed from any browser.

What it Does

Vertiv™ Intelligence monitors and manages the health and status of your Vertiv Rack PDUs and Rack UPSs in data centers, network closets or any sized location where IT equipment is

Benefits include: Simple management of multiple locations, Quick response time to critical events, Show improvements in uptime and efficiency, Know the operational health and status of your Vertiv Rack PDUs and Rack UPS,  Prompt notification if an alarm occurs, Fast diagnosis of device issues,  Access your data anywhere, Peace of mind knowing data is secure

See the Full DataSheet

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