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Don’t Make that Budget Windfall, a Shortfall

Many companies are approaching their budget year-end. If they’re lucky, they might end up with a large windfall that results in mad spending on large ticket items to lessen the tax pain at filing. But, what if there isn’t a huge windfall. What if, they do have some spare change to spend but not large ticket size? Then think how about using that change for commercial hvac spare parts?

Spare Parts are an Important Step in Preparation

Does downtime for your commercial HVAC and critical support equipment mean a loss of production for your company? If your data center experiences high heat downtime due to a component part failure, does your customer care whether their ecommerce order, or MRI results, or IAQ equipment works?

By having a good commercial HVAC spare parts inventory for your precision equipment (valves, sensors, bulbs, belts, motors, canisters and tanks) on hand at all times, you can minimize downtime and keep production running.

Preparation is a Powerful Tool

Customers often learn the benefits of having a spare parts inventory only while experiencing downtime. During a thunderstorm, a ecommerce site loses power. When power is restored, the data center is overheating. The maintenance manager discovers that a precision thermal unit in the data center won’t start and contacts their local service provider. The service technician spends some time on the phone troubleshooting the issue, and it was determined that a power surge from a lightning strike shorted out the humidifier control board and the compressor.

Valves, transformers, compressors, humidifier parts are locally stocked. Service technicians are available 24/7/365.

At the time of the original purchase, the customer received product literature which included a recommended spare parts list. A recommended spare parts list includes critical components that have typical long lead times. 

Some critical components include:

  • fan motors
  • custom engineered components
  • compressors
  • micro control boards

Additional recommended spare parts include components that are consumable, such as:

  • filters
  • belts
  • bearings
  • switches
  • thermocouples
  • actuators
  • solenoids

The service provider was able to supply the control board but the compressor was not available locally and would take two business days to arrive plus a day to install and test.

What is Your Cost of Downtime?

What would 3 days of downtime cost you? If you’re a large ecommerce company, thats $11,000 – $220,000 per minute. A paper company, upwards of $20,000 per hour. And, you still have to pay your employees, your suppliers and your basic overhead costs.

In actuality, due to redundent units, this company had back-up thermal equipment to handle the heat load. They were able to quickly retrieve all parts from their store room and the service technician replaced the damaged components. The entire downtime was less than 8 hours. By having the spare parts on hand, the customer was able to recover quickly from an unexpected shutdown and minimize costly downtime.

In Summary

Most local companies will not have the budget for a large spare parts inventory. But, when a small windfall comes, perhaps considering the purchase of a few essential parts for essential equipment will provide in-house assurance that downtime doesn’t affect next years bottom line.

When downtime isn’t acceptable, Access, Inc. has factory trained service technicians (Ph. 833-234-4227) and locally supported parts inventory (Ph. 248-616-8999) to turn downtime to uptime.

And, if you would like to discuss redundent thermal units, power protection equipment, batteries and generators, our experienced sales engineers are available.

Call us today !

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