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Achieve Higher Efficiency without Using a Drop with the Liebert DSE

That’s the amount of water that can be eliminated annually in a 1MW California data center with the Liebert DSE using pumped refrigerant economization, compared to water economization.

The California Energy Commission in 2015 approved using the Liebert DSE system freecooling with pumped refrigerant economizer in the state’s data centers, as part of its prescribed economization methods under Title 24. Previously, the Commission’s prescribed usage included only air and water economizers.

The DSE freecooling system with pumped refrigerant economizer maximizes annual economization hours – and uses no water. With this system, data centers in California can:

  • Cut annual water usage by 4.3 million gallons for a typical 1MW data center
  • Reduce Time Dependent Value of energy by 8 percent to 10 percent
  • Eliminate water treatment costs and hazards
  • Eliminate the risk of outside air contamination
  • Maximize protection and efficiency through integrated advanced controls

Vertiv has published a full report showing the analysis of pumped refrigerant economization compared to water-side and air-side economization.

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