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Haskris Designs Chillers for the Most Demanding Applications

Think of Haskris and Access Inc. as an extension of your chiller team: designing chillers that can support the most demanding applications; rigorous testing that ensures reliability; and technical experts to support your complex technology in multiple sectors around the world.


Healthy chillers. Healthy profits.

There’s no time for downtime in hospitals and labs. Many operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing critical health services. That means your equipment, including MRI and other medical devices, must be up and running 24/7, too. Haskris’s reliable, high-performance chillers ensure that your equipment can meet the demands for continuous operation and uptime in any healthcare environment.


More than money on the line.

Anytime a manufacturing line shuts down, the impact on the business and the bottom line is steep and immediate. Downtime can result in missed production dates; idle employees; late shipments; and difficult conversations with customers. More than money is on the manufacturing line. Your reputation is on the line, too. Haskris designs high-performance, reliable chillers that meet the unique requirements of manufacturing equipment, including continuous operation; shock and vibration; as well as demands for uptime.


Chilling new discoveries.

The business of developing new technologies, medications and other breakthrough discoveries requires a serious investment of time and money. It also requires highly reliable equipment designed to withstand the rigors of prolonged testing, challenging lab environments, continuous operation, and consistency across repeated experiments over time. A failure of any kind, including a chiller, can derail months or even years of research and investments. So whether it’s an electron microscope or analytical x-ray, Haskris’s water chillers deliver the performance and reliability required for the most demanding lab environments.


Real-time reliability for real-time security.

Securing people and places requires reliable processes as well as reliable non-destructive testing equipment that can operate continuously and consistently in extreme environments and conditions. An equipment failure can slow or even shut down critical, real-time security processes – and potentially lead to dangerous security situations. Haskris designs, manufactures and tests their chillers to support your NDT equipment in the harshest requirements, from blazing heat and freezing cold to dust or sand storms; shock and vibration. It’s real-time reliability designed for real-time security…every time.

Haskris has the design and engineering capabilities to help you:

  • Reduce costs. We find innovative ways to meet your technical specifications and budgetary constraints.
  • Increase uptime. Our advanced communications and real-time, remote monitoring eliminate downtime and ensure continuous operation of your equipment.
  • Meet demanding specifications. We design for even the most custom fit, including unique materials of construction, low noise level and small footprint requirements.
  • Increase stability and reliability. Our chillers are designed to optimize your equipment performance in every environment, from blazing heat and freezing cold to dust storms, shock and vibration.
  • In House Performance Testing. To ensure zero defects upon delivery and long-term reliability, every chiller we make undergoes our rigorous testing process, which simulates the instrument load and operating environment, including: Desert heat of 122°F, simulated rain storms and steady laboratory environment

Find out how our focus on performance and reliability can deliver a strong financial – and ultimately competitive – advantage for you. A simple, economical option or a highly customized and refined solution.

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