Vertiv Avocent HMX Advanced Manager Software | Monitoring HMX KVM Systems

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The Vertiv Avocent HMX Advanced Manager Software (HMXAMGR24-001) is a secure, web browser-based, centralized enterprise management solution that provides remote management and monitoring of multiple Vertiv Avocent HMX IP KVM extender systems. As you expand your HMX extender system, this software offers a streamlined user interface to handle all administration, access control, monitoring and firmware upgrades across the HMX extender system.


  • On screen display (OSD) - at each user station Users log in and choose channel connections from an intuitive OSD similar to that of a Digital TV. Users can also use Presets to change channels for multiple screens across multiple receivers.
  • Remote OSD - The remote OSD allows the user to “push” video and control to another station or to a video wall or projector.
  • Favorites and hotkey switching - Each user can select their favorite channels within the OSD and allocate a hotkey for fast switching between channels.
  • Choice of connection modes - Administrators can choose to give users the ability to connect in three modes: View only, Shared or Exclusive. Each permitted mode is then made available within the OSD.
  • Fast video and USB switching - The HMX Manager provides extremely fast switching time to ensure a quality user experience.
  • Easy centralized management - Accessed via a web browser, the dashboard gives a real time over-view of system connections and users.
  • System backups - Backups of the database can be saved internally, externally or emailed automatically. Automatic updates can be scheduled on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.


Secure access and communicationsRedundant operationUser access rights management and audit trailsControl Channel and Presets connectionsSNMP v3 get / walkExternal NTP server supportCentralized firmware upgradesEasy matrix setup

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