Haskris Opc Water Chiller

Haskris Medical, Process and Custom Chillers

Available in Eastern Michigan, Northern Ohio

You look for competitive advantage wherever you can, right down to the water chillers that support your sophisticated technologies. Haskris designs, manufactures and tests chillers that meet your requirements for high performance, budget and reliability.

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Samsung Product Dvm S Heat Pump

Samsung Air Cooled Modular Chiller

Available in Eastern Michigan, Northern Ohio

The Samsung DVM Chiller provides a chilled water solution for replacement and new design solutions, while maintaining the DVM S benefits. It connects multiple third-party fan coil units via water piping to provide cooling and heating to individual zones. Like VRF outdoor units, the DVM Chiller can modulate its capacity depending on the requirements of the various zones, which saves energy and improves occupant comfort.

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