Air Handling Units

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ClimateCraft – Air Handling Units

Available in Eastern Michigan

ClimateCraft offers indoor, outdoor and custom air handling units that are flexible, performance driven, and available from 2,000 to 200,000+ CFM configurations.  They even have a site assembled air handler perfect for in place retrofits. Energy recovery ventilations units and stand-alone fan array towers keep the air moving while keeping down utility expense.

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Access Airhandling Liebertchilledfordata

Liebert Chilled Water Air Conditioners For Data Centers

Available in Eastern Michigan, Northern Ohio

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Swegon Gold Rx Utan Skugga

Swegon Gold High Performance Energy Recovery Units

Available in Eastern Michigan, Northern Ohio

Swegon GOLD high performance energy recovery units are designed to provide superior performance, Swegon designs their own components, such as the rotary heat exchanger, fan impeller and control equipment.

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